Moyens mnémotechniques

To memorise the solar system, use the following:

Mon Vieux, Tu M'as Jeté Sur Une Nouvelle Planète!
My old (mate/man) you threw me on a new planet!

M Mercure, V Vénus, T Terre (Earth), M Mars, J Jupiter, S Saturne, U Uranus, N Neptune et P Pluton.

We could use a feminine version:
Ma Vieille, tu m'as jeté(e) sur une nouvelle planète!
There is an equivalent in English: 
My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets

Here is a way to remember basic link words.It is often taught in francophone primary schools.The question reads: where on earth is Ornicar? (So, where is Ornicar?)
Mais où est donc Ornicar ? (mais, ou, et, donc, or, ni, car) : les conjonctions de coordination.
Mais = but
où = where
et = and
donc = so, therefore
or = and yet, now, although
ni = neither
car = because

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