D'abord l'alphabet!

First, the alphabet!

Basic tips on pronunciation.
Unlike in English, each syllable is stressed equally.

Homophones words are words hat have the same pronounciation but different meanings and spellings. Exemple: cher: dear (masculine) chère: dear (feminine) chair: flesh
un avocat: a lawyer or an avocado,
la faim: hunger, la fin: the end
le sel: salt, la selle: saddle,

Do not pronounce the letter h at the beginning of a word. Example: l'hôpital (the hospital)

At the end of a word.

  1. Do not pronounce the consonants . Example: les gens (people), des haricots (beans) mangez! (Eat!), ne pas déranger! (Do not disturb!) However, when using the articles, les or des, before a word starting with a vowel, pronounce the s as a z. Example: Les enfants, it will sound like  lezenfants (the children), les avions (the planes)
  2. If there is a 'e' after a consonant, pronounce the consonant but not the 'e' Example: la salade (the salad), la poste (the post office)

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